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DE Africa map

The Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) Map is a website for map-based access to spatial data. It’s developed by Data61 CSIRO in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and aims to provide easy access to spatial data on the African continent to help increase an understanding of using satellite data for better decisions.

Explore the DE Africa map.

Africa GeoPortal

Esri provides geographic information system software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. They have developed the Africa GeoPortal, which uses imagery from DE Africa to provide location for geospatial tools data and training free for users working on Africa geospatial challenges.

Explore the Africa GeoPortal.

Phase I Summary report

Phase I of DE Africa was a scoping exercise initiated in July 2018 to deliver an assessment of the case for further investment in DE Africa. This was used to identify the institutional, political, technical, financial and capacity building factors that need to be considered for a successful and sustainable deployment of DE Africa in the long-term.

Download the Phase I Summary report.

Event presentations, reports and photos

Download all our key event presentations, photos and other resources such as summary reports.

View event resources.

DE Africa fact sheet

Download the DE Africa fact sheet.