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Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is selected to be able to deliver on the Governance Framework. It is inclusive of respected subject matter experts who can provide rigorous and practical guidance on the overall technical program for DE Africa. This may include the latest technological trends and emerging issues on topics related to the use of geospatial and earth observation data, big data, data science, citizen generated data, national statistics, data governance and privacy, interoperability and other topics of a similar nature as identified. The TAC must also include domain experts and practitioners who can provide guidance on how DE Africa, for example, can be applied to agriculture, climate change, poverty, the SDGs, etc. and the most effective ways to engage with down-stream communities to deliver maximum impact. The TAC will also ensure alignment with other programs and initiatives across Africa that can benefit from DE Africa (or vice versa) such as AfriGEO and GMES Africa. This will especially be important for country engagement and capacity building. As a result, the TAC will work closely with the Program Office to ensure these trends, insights and alignment opportunities are factored into the work program.

The TAC currently has 18 members, and is co-chaired by Geoscience Australia and the South Africa National Space Agency.

Representative Organisation
Andiswa Mlisa (co-chair) South Africa National Space Agency (SANSA)
Brian Killough NASA/Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)
Ken Mubea Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD)
Bako Mamane AGRHYMET Regional Centre
Emmanuel Nkurunziza Regional Centre for Mapping Resources for Development (RCMRD)
Patricia Cummens Esri
Trevor Dhu (co-chair) Geoscience Australia
Andre Nonguierma The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
Philip Thigo Thunderbird School of Global Management - Africa
Omar Seidu Ghana National Statistical Service
Yeama Thompson Right to Access Information Commission
Assize Toure Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE)
Dr. A. O. Akingbane Africa Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology (AFRIGIST)
Stephen Chacha dLab
Solofo Rakotondraompiana University of Antananarivo
Nabil Ben Khatra Sahara and Sahel Observatory
Sandiso Sibisi COOi Studios
Stewart Collis Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Ana Pinheiro Privette Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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