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Today is World Environment Day, observed every year on 5 June to raise awareness of protecting our planet. The theme for 2020 is Biodiversity: Time for nature. To celebrate, we take a look at how Earth observations (EO) are supporting Tanzania to make data driven decisions on conserving the…
ARDC and DE Africa
This week we kick off a series of introductory workshops as part of the transition to Digital Earth Africa from the Africa Regional Data Cube.
Diverse across Africa
Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) is developing a Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Strategy to ensure the program delivers transformative outcomes for all Africans.
message from team
Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) is committed to continued progress and supporting Africa in its response to COVID19.
Edward Boaham profile picture
Last month we welcomed Edward Boamah to the Digital Earth Africa Establishment team as our Technical Manager based in Ghana.
Remote sensing image of water data
A new initiative funded by The Helmsley Charitable Trust spawns IWMI partnership with Digital Earth Africa, leveraging Earth observation data to enhance the ability of African Governments, communities and companies to better manage their water.
AGHRYMET signing MoU
We recently signed mutually beneficial agreements to help us ensure that anyone can use Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) by providing the skills and expertise required.
side event room
At the Digital Earth Africa side event as part of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Week 2019, we showcased where we are now and welcomed a number of the program’s partners and collaborators.
water observations The Gambia
Amazon Web Services is collaborating with us and helping data users across the continent gain fast access to petabytes of decision-ready satellite data.
Big data event audience
At a Big EO: Big Data side event as part of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Week 2019, we discuss a grand challenge for the Earth observation community.