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Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) will have a broad and representative Governing Board and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The Board will provide advice and oversight, while the TAC will set priorities. The host institution will have the necessary administrative, collaborative and convening abilities to support core staff and visitors.

A Steering Committee for DE Africa was formed in 2018 and has broad representation including; Kenya Office of the Deputy President, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research South Africa, Group on Earth Observations,Ghana Statistical Service, South African National Space Agency, Geoscience Australia, World Economic Forum, Committee on Earth Observations Satellites, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and UNECA. With the support of funding from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, the Steering Committee developed a study to determine the viability of a scalable, economically and technically sustainable model in Africa, for Africa.

The Digital Earth Africa Governance Framework outlines the core functions, relationships, terms of reference, principles and process for the Governing Board, a Technical Advisory Committee and a Stakeholder Community Group.

The governance of DE Africa will be guided by several key principles:

  1. accountability and transparency
  2. continental-scale data, products and operational services
  3. responsive to African priorities
  4. foster national and regional collaboration
  5. open and free data
  6. sustainability
  7. diversity and inclusion
  8. incorporate multi-sector perspectives to maximise benefits
  9. incorporate perspectives from across data communities
  10. incorporate domain expertise
  11. agile, nimble and action oriented
  12. Interoperability
  13. privacy and integrity.

Governing board

The Governing Board provides strategic guidance, oversight and accountability to ensure successful achievement of the vision and mission. This includes policy guidance, alignment and prioritization, and uptake and use of data products at the national and other levels.

Technical advisory committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is inclusive of respected subject matter experts who can provide rigorous and practical guidance on the overall technical program for DE Africa. This may include the latest technological trends and emerging issues on topics related to the use of geospatial and earth observation data, big data, data science, citizen generated data, national statistics, data governance and privacy, interoperability and other topics of a similar nature as identified.

Stakeholder community group

The Stakeholder Community Group (SCG) will provide a voice to a wider range of organizations than those in the immediate governance structure, providing DE Africa with the breadth of perspective and engagement that will be necessary to achieve impact and growth to a sustainable service. The SCG will provide increased diversity of representation, across sectors, domains, gender, geography and data communities.

If you’d like to be part of the Stakeholder Community Group, join our stakeholder list.