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Datasets and data products

We are committed to providing a suite of products covering the entire continent. These products include analysis-ready datasets, a platform for users to interact with Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa), and services that translate EO data into meaningful information for users.

Analysis Ready Data

We take open and free data provided by international satellite programs, including Landsat (United States), Sentinel (Europe) and ALOS (Japan), and process it according to a set of requirements that allow immediate analysis. Our Technical Roadmap indicates when these datasets will be available. 

Data products and services

Water management

Our first continental-wide product, currently in beta, allows anyone to better understand water availability anywhere in Africa. It translates years of satellite imagery of surface water, known as Water Observations from Space (WOfS), into easy to consume information on the presence, location and recurrence of water within Africa.

This allows countries across Africa to map, assess, visualise and manage water resources and understand trends over time. The below example shows the summary of a water body in Senegal from 2013 to 2019. Colours indicate the percentage of times water was detected (Red = rarely water, green = often water, blue = always water). The product covers the entire continent of Africa, whilst retaining the full resolution of the original satellite data (in this case 30 metre pixels).

See the full water product specifications.

Water summary for water body in Senegal from 2013-2019

Crop monitoring

Our second continental-wide product, currently in development, will help to accurately define farmland areas and the change to crops over time. A cropland area map translates satellite imagery to calculate cropland annual extent to understand how agriculture productions change over time due to climate or farming practices.

See the full crop map product specifications.